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Superior Contact helps businesses large and small extend their reach and get the most out of every contact with customers and prospects. With experience handling the unique needs of diverse industries such as energy services and telecommunications, we can certainly tailor a program to your business.

Superior goes well beyond a traditional call center to provide comprehensive, customized contact management programs, including:

LiveAnytime 24/7 live answer inbound/outbound customer care and sales support
CareAnywhere self-managed custom hosted agent service
WeVerify Third Party Verification and compliance support
YouGuideIt enhanced IVR/AVR and automated call handling
Web, email and live chat program support
Automated payment processing
Translation services
Mail fulfillment
Recorded call archiving and data management
Customized reporting
And more!

Combined, our innovative support technology, and talented people enable Superior to implement even the most complex integrated programs, quickly and efficiently.

Each program is designed to produce your desired results. A team is assigned to your account, and our professionals become your professionals, providing superior service and support – without the expense of adding staff and systems required to manage contacts.

Your success is our goal.
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